Thursday’s windows: Palatial

Another post for Sandra Connor’s Thursday’s Windows series –

When you’re Empress of All the Russias, you expect to be able to look out a window any time you feel like it.

This is Catherine the Great’s palace in St. Petersburg. I suppose when it was built, long before electric lights, there were practical reasons for this kind of architecture – many windows means lots of sunlight indoors. Of course, it was also a statement of wealth – “Look how much glass I can afford! And just think how many servants it takes to keep all these windows clean!!”


14 responses to “Thursday’s windows: Palatial

  1. I bet it was wonderful there!

  2. Beautiful palace…I am just glad it is not me cleaning those windows (he he he) Wonderful Post.

  3. Hmm. How many chamois leathers did it take to clean all those? πŸ˜‰

  4. Amazing! I’ll have the room at the top right πŸ™‚

  5. Oh wow – you’re right on about glass being a sign of wealth back then. I remember in Pride & Prejudice how it was also said of Rosings.

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