No comfort zone: A bigger house!

It’s true. In the past two weeks, I’ve started living in a larger house than I used to. And I don’t even have to bother dealing with movers or sending out change-of-address cards or deciding where to put the furniture in differently shaped rooms.

No contractors or exhausting, frustrating DIY projects, either – we’re not building an addition. But the upstairs hall is a foot wider than it was last week, and what used to be my older son’s bedroom looks enormous.

How did I work this magic? It’s all in the books. There used to be four large piles of homeless books lining one side of the hall; they’ve either found places on shelves, or they’re going to look for new homes at the town book sale next week. Same with the bedroom. I’m amazing myself by being willing to shift from thinking, “Well, I’ve never managed to get all the way through this one, and that means I have to keep it till I read it all” to “You know what? I’ve tried to read it four times and never got past page 50. I don’t care what the rest of the story might be! Get out of my life!”

Weirder yet, I’m rubbing my mental hands gleefully at the prospect of moving on from weeding out books to sorting through old scrambled papers and throwing most of them out. Who is this person, and how did she move into my life?

(Part of the answer to that question, of course, is that she was born from following the suggestions various people made when I asked for help with this problem several weeks ago. Thank you, all of you!!)

I’m starting to have visions of having the whole house reasonably organized by November. And I think it just might happen. Now, excuse me; there’s a table full of paper in the opposite corner of this room that’s begging to be cleared off.

11 responses to “No comfort zone: A bigger house!

  1. Well done for de-cluttering! I’ve just sold five books on Amazon and made fifty pounds, does that count?

  2. I have a similar task to face, and it has to be done in under two months. I may not be around much…… WELL DONE!

  3. Maybe I should take a hint from you. I have so many books that I have read and then stored in the self-deluding plan of one day re-reading them. There are just too many books in the world to worry about reading something more than once. So then, why do I write? Don’t ask.

    • To start at the end, I wouldn’t dream of asking! I’m guilty of the same foolishness myself.

      As for re-reading, one interesting discovery I made while sorting through the books is that there are some (lots) of them that I know I’ve read, but I can’t remember what they’re about at all. Then there are the ones that I read years ago that still bring back vivid memories – they go in the “keeper” category, of course. Unfortunately, I don’t know any good way to decide if a new book is a keeper without letting it age a while!

  4. Isn’t amazing what a few weeks and a bit of effort does? I congratulate you now don’t stop. Another idea is to get some else in to empty a cupboard or a closet or a set of drawers and tell them if its not worth it – bin it!

  5. Keep going! And congratulations to starting in the first place! It’s amazing when you free up space then look around again — isn’t it? It feels so CLEAN!

    • Well, right now it’s a bit dusty! But it feels so BIG and so EMPTY and so SPACIOUS, and right now I’m happy with that. The plan is to clean thoroughly once I have things pretty well cleared out.

      And thanks!

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