100 Word Challenge: Installation

Oh, that Julia. This week she’s giving us another picture as the inspiration for 100 words worth of fiction. Well, the stranger the prompt, the more skewed the story needs to be, I suppose –


He sits on the end of the heavy rock tongue, feet dangling. The view is spectacular, perfect in every detail, he decides.

Slipping off the end of the cantilevered boulder, he drops lightly to the glass floor. Yes, there’s a little refraction where the floor curves smoothly up into the walls, but who can tell refraction from the shapes of wind-carved rock? And the curve is vital to prevent a tell-tale seam where surfaces meet. He paces around, checking for smears or scratches; no, it’s perfect.

He pulls himself back up onto the rock and trots into the cave-like entrance hall. Tomorrow, his exhibit opens. He wonders how many art-lovers will dare to explore it.

24 responses to “100 Word Challenge: Installation

  1. Wow! It seems like you really put some thought into this. The floor curving into the walls to avoid a seam. I love it. I think it will be ‘the’ exhibit to see when it opens. I predict lines out the door, down the block, and onto the canyon floor below!

    • Actually, the curving floor was the easy part – because it’s real! A friend of mine appeared in a mattress commercial several years ago that showed people against a totally featureless white background. Bluescreen high-tech computer trickery? Nope. She says that the stage featured a white floor that curved seamlessly into a white wall at the rear…she also says it was very disorienting and a challenge to keep your balance.

      I’m glad you like the story, and I’d like to visit that exhibit myself!

  2. Another ‘Wow!’ here. What an imaginative take on the prompt. I love the details. I can imagine a modern artist seeing this and slapping their forehead because they didn’t think of it first.

    I’d never be able to step inside that exhibit.

    • Oh well, it’s only an obscure little Internet story, and inspiration has to come from someplace! I might have to crawl out on my hands and knees…and if the exhibit’s popular, that wouldn’t go over well with the rest of the crowd.

      Thank you – I’m glad you like the story.

  3. Brilliant. Love to see that exhibition.

  4. I like it! Although that picture made me feel like i was to fall off.

  5. Ha! Excellent take on the prompt – really original, and what a fantastic idea for an artists installation – better than most you see in exhibitions.

    • Thank you! I really, really didn’t want to write a despair-and-suicide story, so I needed some way to make the situation not dangerous…and here we are, safe in a museum. With the fellow in red not just safe but firmly in control of his fantasy world.

  6. Yet another original take on the prompt. Brilliant.

  7. Brilliant! I would love to go and see that exhibition – that way I could sit as close to the edge as I liked with no fear of falling off. Now we just need an artist to read your story and go create it! Great take on the prompt, really original

  8. That would be a great exhibit especially if it dared people to take the jump. Just don’t be tempted to put an unmade bed or a dirty nappy in the corner for added effect. This is one of the more original entries – well done.

    • I wonder how many people will jump? If his career as an artist doesn’t work out, he may have a future designing scary attractions for amusement parks! You’re right, though – the exhibit will probably have to be closed several times a day to check for random trash that would ruin the illusion.

      And thank you for the compliment!!

  9. Fantastic idea, loved it.

  10. Your artist is very creative and fearless. Unfortunately, people like me will have to miss his work. My toes already tingle just looking at the picture. πŸ™‚ This is a fun and original take on the prompt. πŸ™‚

  11. oooh clever take on the prompt! I wouldn’t dare explore it!

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