Autumn. Oh, not yet!

Last Sunday, Jakesprinter asked us for pictures of Autumn. But it was still summer! Much too early for fall photos. I had to wait till today, the equinox, the official start of the season, to get these shots.

You know it’s autumn when supermarkets start to sell pumpkins and potted chrysanthemums. Or do you? Stores are notorious for rushing the season, after all – by the middle of January, they’ll want us to come out through the snow to buy summer clothes.

Let’s see what Nature has to say. This maple tree clearly believes it’s still summer.

But the oaks are giving the game away. Yep, it’s fall, and much too soon, it’s going to be winter, I’m afraid.

9 responses to “Autumn. Oh, not yet!

  1. You sound nearly as reluctant as me for it to come. Yesterday it was glorious here and I could pretend it was still summer but today I’ve got up to heavy rain 😦

  2. Oh I love autumn. I can start layering up in wools and tweeds and start pulling on boots. And I have a perfect excuse for eating hearty meals and drinking spiced cider and mulled wine.

  3. Today feels like winter and Christmas is less than 100 days away and the shops are beginning to sell Christmas things too but the trees are still green.

    • I haven’t been shopping except for groceries lately, but it wouldn’t surprise me if stores other than supermarkets are pushing Christmas this early! (Food stores are busy selling the Halloween candy they put out back in July or August.)

      And for that matter, thinking of Real Food, if the candy was real food they couldn’t sell it months ahead of time, could they? 😉 😦

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