Friday Fictioneers: Dreams Come True

Another interesting photo from Madison Woods to inspire us with ideas for more supershort fiction. This time I’m being just a little futuristic and science fictiony…

Dreams Come True

I always wanted to fly. So when I heard about BodyMod I signed up right away, and guess what, I qualified!

It took a long time, but I was ready for that. Surgery, prosthetics, genetic tweaking – you need a real fast metabolism to power those new wing muscles. And after that, months and months of physical therapy to learn to walk with your new off-balance body, and the special workouts where Grounders try their best to train you to move your wings.

The coolest part, though, was the vision mods. Somebody thought we should soar on updrafts, so they spliced in genes that let us see the new infrared colors. I’ll never forget the first time I saw air columns in glowing shades of mell, blending with cooler freng at the sides and tops. Even right after the surgeries when everything hurt, I was so happy all through the prep months. And now, here I am, cleared for takeoff, on a perfect day for flying.

And I’m scared to leave the ground.
* * *

As usual, I’d love to hear your opinion!

33 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Dreams Come True

  1. What an extraordinary imagination you have! wow 🙂

    • Thank you, Gilly!! I think this one came from the combination of the statue’s defeated posture and the question “Three wings? What on earth has three wings, or even three pairs of wings??? Must be somehow artificial….”

  2. Unique and well done. I agree that your imagination did a wonderful job. And I like the ending. How sad to go through all that and then be afraid to use everything you’d gotten!

    • Oh yes, it is sad. And how human!

      (I’d like to think that a combination of determination and embarrassment will launch her successfully into the clouds after a little more angsting. But right now, it’s all too overwhelming.)

      And I’m so glad you like it!

  3. Very nice new sf wrinkle!

  4. I love this story! What a creative interpretation of the prompt. A very clever point of view, the protagonist who wants the latest in plastic surgery. An amusing and poignant inner monologue. Extremely well done!

  5. Oh i love it…it had me excited for whatever reason. Very very creative and no doubt unique. Very well done!

    Mine is here if you get a chance :

  6. How many of us have missed opportunities because we were “scared to leave the ground”. However, I am looking forward to flapping my three wings while zooming through mell and drafting in freng.

  7. New and original. I have faith in her, she will fly!

  8. wistful, made me want to sign up for the mods, nicely done

  9. Mell and freng? I’m still chuckling. I think you’re close to leaving the ground, Sharon. 😉

  10. HI …I’m exhausted from all that work and after all that, she is still not sure she will fly? Confused by the wings? Read my story.

    • You got me thinking about what the problem might be – it has been a lot of work and stress, and she hasn’t let herself notice that she’s exhausted. Maybe she’s less frightened than worn out – maybe she just needs to sit quietly and catch her breath about this enormous transformation.

      Is your story the real explanation of that strange statue? If not, it sounds like it should be!

  11. Such a creative and clever story, Sharon! I love the idea of seeing air columns glow – like streamers of the Northern Lights running down to Earth! Totally empathise with her apprehension, too 😉

    We’re here:

  12. that read very easily and naturally. not easy to take something not “real” and make it sound that real.

  13. Ah, nice, and a metaphor for going after something headlong. Good job.

    Here’s mine:

    • Thank you! (Actually, I surprise myself sometimes after writing these little stories by seeing their metaphorical meanings – I just start with a character or situation and let them play out, but some less-communicative part of my mind seems to have additional plans.)

      I like yours – I think it’s the first one I’ve read that tackles the question “why three wings??”

  14. Very interestng idea. I like it!

  15. Hi Sharon, I loved the ‘reality’ of the surgery talk and the quasi reality of the new vision…really want that ability myself! Enjoyed this piece a lot and would love to read more, but of course I know there isn’t any more!
    Laura /Lorelei

    • Thank you, Laura! (And I apologize for the delay in replying – for some reason this comment got put in my spam folder, and I didn’t see it till this morning.) I would love that expanded range of vision, too – then again, could be worse: I know a couple of color-blind men and find it hard to remember that they just can’t see obvious color differences like distinguishing light green from pink. As for “any more”…maybe someday I’ll incorporate this tidbit into a longer story, but at best it will be a long wait, I’m afraid! There’s too much in the queue ahead of it.

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