Friday Fictioneers: Blue. Green. Orange.

I won’t be writing a story for Friday Fictioneers this week, because the photo prompt squicks me too badly. What to do…I know, I’ll explain why I can’t stomach this one.

Blue. Green. Orange.

Once upon a time, I was a child. And when I was a child, we lived in California for a few years.

California was warmer than central Pennsylvania, so warm that there were orange trees and cheap oranges, and my mother bought plenty of oranges and kept them in the kitchen cupboard. I knew where they lived. One day, I reached in to get one without looking, and my fingers sank deep into a disgusting blue-green orange.

My mom kept oranges in the refrigerator after that, but things that look rotten give me the shudders to this day.

True story.

43 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Blue. Green. Orange.

  1. I agree. I had a look, and that is a gross picture by anyone’s standards – and not the best prompt for an appetising snippet of writing.
    Speaking of which, are you doing the NaNo August camp?

    • I normally post the prompt picture with my story – not this time! Maybe it’s less unpleasant when you know what it really is – Madison Wood’s comments left me thinking it might be nothing worse than a lot of tree (vine?) sap. I still don’t want to look at it!

      I’m trying the August NaNo – I can’t say I’m off to a good start today, though! Too much other stuff demanding attention. Are you Camp NaNoing?

      • I think I need to give it a go, just to try a concerted effort to write a story I’ve procrastinated with forever. I’m down under (if-not-now…) minus the brackets/parentheses.
        Want to be in my cabin? 🙂

      • Sounds great – except that it looks as if they’ve assigned me to a cabin. I wonder if it’s possible to change assignments??

      • Sounds great – except that it looks as if they’ve assigned me to a cabin. I wonder if it’s possible to change assignments??

        (BTW – I’m frazzlegreen over there.)

  2. Oh thanks I’ve just been to look and must say I have no idea what it is but I don’t like it either and will probably give it a miss!

    • I read Madison’s explanation several times, and I’m fairly sure it’s huge clumps of sap that leaked out of harshly pruned plants and hardened. I think. But the image is so disgusting I really don’t think I could get a story out of it 😦 (Well, other than this one, which is certainly short, but certainly not fiction.)

  3. Squicks is a good word! I think I get the meaning from the context, but would you care to define for your transatlantic reader?

  4. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I know that feeling and it’s not a good one!! It’s a good story, anyway. 🙂 Have to look before you pick up, I guess.

  5. The photo this week is difficult to view — understand your hesitation and lack of inspiration!

  6. Haha. Sorry to be laughing at your expense. But you’ve got a story still 🙂
    Excellent job with the prompt 😉
    I hope I come up woth something this creative 🙂

  7. Whatever happens to us in childhood stays with us – I liked this story – very straightforward and refreshing for that.
    Perhaps something squishy happened to me in childhood too, and liked it! Although, I agree, the picture’s disgusting I didn’t have any problem with finding something to write about. If you visit though, you’ll have to shut your eyes before you scroll down.

    • Thanks for the warning! I’m trying to decide whether I’ll look at the other stories (and I just got back from a short trip, which is why I haven’t been answering comments!)

  8. I can just imagine that! I don’t suppose you ate it either… Nice one.

  9. I understand. I ate a bowl of oatmeal I had fixed the night before and put in the fridge. I did it in the dark because I was tired. It tasted funny. Someone had moved it to the back and the one I had picked had been there a long time. Called poison control. When she stopped laughing, she said it wouldn’t hurt me, but I might get nauseous. Heck! I already was.

  10. I’m with Nifti – you did a great job of getting a story out. No one ever said it has to be fiction 😉

    And to sympathize/empathize with you – just the other day I did the same thing except I reached into my potato bin for a potato and was sickened when I felt the skin of the potato pop beneath my fingers. Nearly made me hurl.

  11. I love a good confession and agree with others that you seem to have produced a good story despite the revulsion for the photo prompt. Gives a new meaning altogether for the words “turn of phrase.”



  12. Childhood trauma, we’ve all been there. Still made for a nice story.

  13. Oh, Sharon, great job of bringing that rotten orange into my life! Here’s something to weigh the scale on the other side. One of my friends wrote a biology text and for the cover, he painted a green mold onto the skin of a navel orange in the shapes of the continents. It made a quite beautiful book cover, although I agree no one had to touch it! The surprise feel of your encounter really contributes to the yuck factor.
    cheers, Lorelei

    • Now, that’s creative use of mold! I think you’re right – it would have been a very different experience if I had known I was trying to pick up a spoiled orange. Ah well.

  14. I like that you wrote what the prompt means to you, even if the memory you share is utterly disgusting! And I am the same with any mould or decay of food – ick.

  15. Having said you weren’t doing FF this week, I think this is a great take on the prompt, and being true doesn’t detract from that at all. Definitely something you could use in a longer story if you wanted to.
    And I LOVE the title. Just perfect.

    I’m over at:

  16. Gross (but great) description of the fingers sinking in. I thought the picture was gross and I didn’t even have this memory to help me! Liked the way you handled this, though.

    Brian (

    • Hope I didn’t turn anyone’s stomach too badly! I think that tactile memory has stayed the most vivid part of the experience. Glad you found it an effective approach 😉

  17. Definitely a good excuse to skip that particular photo 🙂

  18. rochellewisoff

    Sharon, I’m glad you didn’t gaff off the prompt entirely. It really is a gross photo and obviously disturbed some dormant emotions for you. A good share in any case.

  19. Great story my friend , thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

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