100 Word Challenge: Fire

Another prompt from Julia! Week 52 of the 100 Word Challenge asks us to write a story containing

…together the flames…

And here’s my version –


“Come on, it’s time for the opening ceremonies!” Settling on the couch, remoting the TV on.

“Where are they? Out in a field someplace?”

“Shush. It’s pretty. Different.” Finger tracing the outline of a mouth. Kisses.

“Listen, something different’s going on.” Glancing at the screen, and then goggling. “What the heck is that?”

“Smokestacks, maybe?” Giggles.

“You shouldn’t” – kiss – “make fun of” – kiss – “the Olympics.”

“Oh, why not?” Snuggling closer.

“Hmm. Good question.”

The ceremonies continue. On the couch, they don’t see a pink-gowned form parachuting. They don’t see the torch enter or the athletes bring together the flames. They have their own fire.

15 responses to “100 Word Challenge: Fire

  1. Ooo you’re at it again … naughty but nice!!!

  2. Unlike me, who skirts close to The Wind sometimes 😉 this could get Quite Racy if you Had 200 words and a 15 certificate.

  3. I think I’d have saved that for the bit where the competing teams marched in. I was looking for a diversion by the time they got to the ‘E’s. Nicely done and topical.

  4. Oooo! What a great scene for the opening ceremony. They will remember it but for different reasons to the rest of us I think!

  5. Now THIS is the way to enjoy an international event!

  6. Love, love, love! Sharon, you have such a skill for turning a simple scene into one much more profound…while still retaining that simplicity.

    The progression of affection is so real, here. I love when these impromptu moments occur! The very quick descriptions – Finger tracing the outline of a mouth. Kisses. – work very well, too.

    One of my favorites of yours!

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