Friday Fictioneers – Repairs

I thought this was an unusually tough Friday Fictioneers prompt, but at last I came up with a story –


“Gimme the wrench.”


“No, the big monkey wrench.” I tightened the wrench and threw my weight against it. Nothing.

“What do we have to lubricate this thing with?”

“I dunno. Is Chapstick any good?”

“If it’s all we have, it better be.”

It wasn’t. I squatted against the fence, snarling to myself.

“You know, I’ve been looking at this thing, and have you tried…”

“I have tried everything. You fix it if you’re so smart.”

“Well, I think it’s threaded backward, maybe.”

I lurched to my feet. Gripped the handle. Turned it the wrong way.

Water gushed out, puddling coldly around my feet.

22 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Repairs

  1. righty tighty, lefty loosey — failed! liked this one

  2. Try, try and try again…

  3. Steven S. Walsky

    Been there, done that.

  4. rochellewisoff

    If it’s a husband and wife do-it-yourself project one of them is going to sleep on the couch tonight.

    • I’m not sure if it’s husband and wife, or father and son, or experienced plumber and newbie – but yeah, there may be aftereffects! And your story – all I can say is “Nice doggie!”

  5. Plumbing is the thing that too many people attempt thinking its easy and it the hardest diy there is! This made me laugh because I’m so silly I don’t always know which way will work!

    • I have never, ever seen a DIY plumbing project that went well, although at least my husband and his father haven’t set fire to the bathroom (trying to weld a pipe) in years.

  6. I just hope it wasn’t the wife who had the idea about the thread. If it was, she’s in real trouble now… Nice one.

    • I didn’t quite decide what the relationship between the two speakers is, but the protagonist is tired, frustrated, embarrassed, and standing in a cold puddle. Doesn’t bode well. I hope he has a sense of humor!

  7. Haha,…Too bad the chapstick didn’t work. Being left handed, I often have that problem.

  8. This was great. Gave me quite a chuckle. Thanks for that.

  9. simple story so beautifully written! I like!!

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