Day trips – Sculpture Garden

For various reasons, we won’t be taking an official Vacation this year. Instead, we’re going to visit several touristy places that we never go to because, after all, they’re right around here and we can visit them any old time.

Any old time is now.

So last weekend we got on the interstate and drove up a little north of Trenton to take a look at “Grounds for Sculpture“, located on what was once the State Fairground.

It’s the kind of place that puts the “garden” in “sculpture garden”.

You never know what you’ll find next

as you wander around narrow pathways

and climb towers

and walk through the woods. (For those who care: I’m not going to post photos of them, but there are one or two very very nude sculptures in the woods.)

Sometimes the sculptures mingle with the visitors

and sometimes you start to wonder “Is this more art, or just furniture?”

They can be a little frightening

or charming

or strange.

Oh, and there are water lilies and koi and peacocks. (Did you know peacocks roost in trees? I didn’t. Unfortunately, they were so very high up that my camera wasn’t up to taking a good picture; being silhouetted against the sun didn’t help.)

We had a wonderful time, though it’s just as well we didn’t stop at this little cafe. You can’t count on prompt service from the waiter.

12 responses to “Day trips – Sculpture Garden

  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing Bev.

  2. Shutterbug Sage

    How cool is that? What town is this in?

    • Infinitely cool! It’s in Hamilton, NJ – near the western edge of the state, slightly north of Trenton (or, as they put it, halfway between Philadelphia and New York). If you click on the underlined “Grounds for Sculpture” below the first picture, you’ll go to their web site.

  3. I love sculpture gardens! This one looks great ad the giraffes are the winner by a mile for me, so unusual. I think its good to visit those places nearer to home that we take for granted. I often put on a tourist head and see what I can spot locally – as my blog shows – and its great fun. After all we go charging around the world but expect people to come visit our areas. Enjoy! and tell us more 🙂

    • Glad you like it, Gilly! It was a wonderful place (and I assume it still is!). You’re so very right about the way we neglect what’s interesting if it’s in easy reach, and I love your posts highlighting what’s local for you.

  4. what a beautiful place

  5. Well done you! It just shows you don’t need to go too far, or fork out a bundle of money to find lovely places to visit. I personally like the photo of the cat sculptures. Why were they frightening?

    • Thanks! And I’m glad you reminded me about the money – I also wanted to mention that it’s surprisingly cheap to visit – $8 for children 6 to 17 (free under 6), $12 for adults from 18 up to 65, $10 for 65 and older.

      I like the cats, too – I think what made me uneasy was that everywhere you turned in that little amphitheater, there was a big (waist high) cat sculpture watching you. (You can only see two of them in this photo, and the farther one is a little hard to spot against the wall.)

  6. Those are some beautiful photos! And nearly in my own backyard, too. I often forget how lovely parts of the Garden State can be. (The one with the big cats is probably my favorite of these, followed by the sitting person. Something about that one is just so contemplative and serene, while still – somehow – pensive. Like waiting for the mirror image in a pond to show.)

    • Speaking of mirror images in a pond – nearby there was a – I don’t know, sculpture? bit of landscaping? feature? – which looked as if it normally included running water, but for some reason it was dry when we visited. It could be that the cobblestoned area she’s looking at is a pond most of the time.

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