Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

And here we go again with WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge! This time the topic is “Inside”. But what if you find something inside that ought to be outside??

I saw these cows grazing

and chewing their cud

inside the Amsterdam airport terminal several years ago.

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. When my daughter was at Bath Spa University i went to visit her and all around the city were painted pigs – made me smile then too.

  2. Aha welcome to wacky Amsterdam! What fun 🙂

    • Unfortunately it was just our point of departure, flying home from a cruise around the Baltic – all we saw of Amsterdam was the airport, and I’ve heard that’s a real shame. Some day, with luck, I’ll have a chance to see the city itself.

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  4. Oh you must go back…Amsterdam is special

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  6. DWL love your point of view!

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  9. Yeah, i think they belong to the cow parade, cows around different EU countries, if i remember correctly….

  10. Very cute! I thought it was going to be a little toy rail station. 🙂

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