Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

This week’s Photo Challenge theme is “movement”.

This is a mill wheel at Sturbridge Village, Connecticut – a reconstructed early nineteenth century town. The wheel is turning at a pretty brisk speed, propelled by the stream of water flowing over it. But that’s nothing. Inside the building, the shaft attached to the mill wheel connects to a series of gears that increase the speed, step by step, until it sets an enormous stone wheel spinning fast enough to grind rock-hard grains of wheat into flour.

It’s really a pretty impressive piece of pre-electronic (actually, medieval) technology.

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

  1. Love the drops of water falling off the wheel!

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  3. What a brilliant way to fulfil the challenge. It’s hard to imagine that’s how life used to be isn’t it?

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s hard to imagine living like that – and even harder to realize that this was a crucial labor-saving device, a big step forward from a world where the first (of many) steps in breadmaking was make flour by spending hours rubbing a heavy stone back and forth or round and round by hand over the grain.

      Come to think of it, mills like this were the food processors of the Middle Ages!

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