100 Word Challenge for Grownups – A Bad Day

This week, Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups has gone back to giving us a phrase to start from instead of a picture. The current prompt is “…I blamed it on the dog…” and we’re allowed to add 100 words for a total of 106.

I went over the quota by twelve words, but I’m posting it anyhow.

A Bad Day

I ate three doughnuts at coffee break, because I skipped breakfast, because I had to walk the dog. So I blamed the doughnuts on the dog.

I messed up at the big meeting, because I was in a sugar slump, because I ate three doughnuts. So I blamed it on the dog.

I blew through a stop sign on the way home, because I was in a foul mood, and I got a ticket. So I blamed the ticket on the dog.

I walked in the door and guess who was all over me wagging his tail like I was the best thing in the history of the world, and I cheered right up.

Who’s a good boy?


18 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups – A Bad Day

  1. Poor dog, blamed throughout and then true loyality!

  2. Awww – it’s lovely to see a dog being fussed over despite being blamed for so much! It’s true though – no matter how bad things seems, your pets can always cheer you up.

    • I didn’t realize this until after I finished writing and posted the story, but the last paragraph is the first time all day the speaker thinks kindly about anybody but herself!

  3. Well mine is the Cat but it’s the same story. The only reason she is so happy to see me is because she wants food 🙂

  4. They don’t mind though do they? Nice one Sharon 🙂

    • Thanks, Gilly! Yes, they’re very forgiving – especially if being around them makes us happy. 😉 (I think it does bother them when their person is upset, whatever the reason is.)

  5. Excellent!!! I can relate to eating three doughnuts and then justifying it in the most crazy of ways. Thanks for sharing your writing!

  6. Brilliant. Really captures what life with a dog is about. And the repetitive style with the grand final question suits it perfectly.

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