100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Marketing Genius

This week, Julia has a photo prompt for us to use in the 100 word challenge:

Marketing Genius

Some like it hot.

Some prefer it iced, or with milk foam or flavoring extracts.

When you’ve been driving for hours and still have hours to go, everyone wants – no, needs – a dose, and you can’t get better anywhere else. Dive headfirst into the coffee pot. Sure, the stuff’s a little addictive, but it tastes so good and it wakes you up so well. People drive miles out of their way for a taste.

Ignore those scare stories that customers desperate for the company’s secret blend have tried to haul down the decorative spout on the building, hoping to pour black nectar directly from it into their mouths. They’re all responding well to treatment.

10 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Marketing Genius

  1. I love that they all responded well to treatment ….

  2. Ooh, for a taste of that brew!
    I agree, ignore all the warnings…

  3. Hilarious last line! Curiosity …

  4. I really like your description of that delicious black nectar. 🙂 The intro’s very strong, too – just enough to create interest without being overwhelming or too detailed. I particularly enjoyed the line, “When you’ve been driving for hours and still have hours to go…” There’s such a lovely cadence to it.

    Very nice!

    • Thank you! To tell the truth, as usual the intro (and everything else) started out longer and too detailed. The first draft was twice as long!

      And I do find myself unintentionally drifting into meter sometimes. Now that I look more carefully at the sentence about driving, it does start with dactyls driving it forward and wind down into iambs. Huh. Didn’t see that (hear that?) 😉

  5. Really so original Sharon 🙂

    • Thank you, Gilly!! When I saw that spout on the building, I had an irresistible image of someone pulling it out and down like the hose of a gas (i.e. petrol?) pump – and the rest of the piece grew from there.

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