Daily Archives: June 22, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Advice

Madison Woods has a new web site, and another photo for us to use as inspiration for one hundred words (or so) of fiction. Here’s this week’s photo and my story –


Don’t hike with coworkers. I know. But I wanted company.

“Kim said Matt came on to her.”

“Some days, Kim thinks the water cooler’s coming on to her.”

“Should I get my hair tipped? Red. Maybe purple. Or new shoes.”

“You can’t afford it.” Up ahead, a stream. A damselfly’s perched on a rock in the water. Looks like it’s biting it.

“Should I go after Andy? If Matt’s dumping me? You have to tell me what to do!”

Silly bug. The stone doesn’t notice. “Ignore Kim, leave your hair alone, don’t buy the shoes.”

“You’re no help. Maybe I need my chakras aligned. Do you think I should?”