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100 Word Challenge for Grownups – The Successful Life

This week, the prompt for Julia’s 100 word challenge is “in the dark recess of my mind“.

I’ve probably spent too much time reading advice on How To Be Organized and How To Be Successful. Anyhow, this is what bubbled up –

The Successful Life

It’s best, they say, to get your thoughts in order, lined up in order of priority. If only, if only, you can keep your innermost self brightly lit and tidy, a big-box store of the soul, you’ll achieve your goals.

But…what is this green curling sprout of an idea forcing its way up, daring to make disorderly unsupervised plans? Down there in the dark recess of my mind, what lurks?

The usual things you find in darkness. Seeds swelling and unfolding and sprouting. Trolls sheltering from the petrifying sun. Jewels waiting to be found, cleaned, faceted so they can reflect light in unexpected patterns. Treasures.

Tired Tuesday. Just a quick photo. Photos.

And this is what’s left of the great library at Ephesus in Turkey.

It must have been amazing in its day – what’s left is still enormous.

And then there was the Roman army.

(Actually, I think these fellows had just finished filming a TV commercial when we saw them.)