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Friday Fictioneers: A walk in the woods

It’s Friday again! And here’s the photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers

(Actually, I have two stories this week – which surprises me, because my first reaction to the photo was “Oh, that’s pretty, I wish I was there, but what is there to say about it??”)

A Walk in the Woods #1

I’ve always liked walking in the woods. Once, I came out of thick bushes to find strangers lounging on rocks and logs, singing a song I didn’t know in a language I didn’t know. They were friendly, and next thing I was squeezed onto the end of a log and la-la-ing along.

Then they got ready to leave, beckoning me down a pretty little trail I’d never seen before. I almost went. But their faces looked wrong all of a sudden – maybe just from the flickering leaf shadows. When I backed away shaking my head, their laughter was cold and musical. I ran.

I used to like walking in the woods.

* * *

(The second story is a lot more than 100 words long. The kids just wouldn’t shut up.)

A Walk in the Woods #2

“Mom! Why are we doing this? Mom?”

“I just know we’re never going to get home.”

“Look, that’s poison ivy. They told us in school.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s poison ivy. If you touch it you get big red and purple and green spots all over you because it’s poison.”

“I bet there’s bears in these woods.”

“And then you spin around in a circle and you fall down all dead. Because it’s poison.”

“Dad? Is that right? Dad?”

“Well, you’ll get a rash and itch a lot.”

“And fall down dead.”

“No, you’ll just wish you were dead.”


“Well, it’s true.”

“But will you fall down dead?”

“No. After a while you’ll get better.”

“If a bear eats you up you’ll be all dead.”

“Look, I caught a mosquito. He’s giving me a mosquito bite.”

Ah, a walk in the peaceful woods.