Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Raiding the Hive

Julia has a new 100 Word Challenge! And this week’s prompt is – “There’s a real buzz about this place.”

Raiding the Hive

There’s a real buzz about this place. The work day is long this time of year – none of our brave explorers waste a second of daylight. Explorers? Yes, and prospectors, bringing back treasures from outside, drop by drop and grain by grain, to enrich our city’s smooth-walled, gold-colored halls and chambers. My job is to stand guard – I’m too young to join the prospectors yet.

It’s a fine city flowing with liquid gold, and sweetness in the air as well as smoke. Wait – smoke? But the smoky haze thickens and darkens, and I feel myself relaxing into sleep. Is it the giant raiders again? Well. Tomorrow. I’ll attack tomorrow.