Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

186 cookbooks – some like it hot

We have another winner. The Spicy Food Lovers’ Bible passed the “Okay, let’s try a random recipe” test. (And it’s been over a month since I tried one of these experiments to weed out my oversized cookbook collection. Then again, the last time I tried to challenge a cookbook, I lost my favorite pie plate in the process šŸ˜¦ )

Anyhow. This one combines a fairly narrow focus with a lot of interesting-sounding recipes, plus a hundred pages of background information on “hot” spices of various sorts – specifically chiles, ginger, horseradish, wasabi, mustard, and black pepper – where they come from, their history, and how to use them.

I tried Tangiers-style grilled chicken, which uses both black pepper and cayenne for heat, as well as about half a dozen other flavorings. It’s pretty simple to make – mix the seasonings well, smear them on the chicken, let it all marinate, and grill.

And it tastes good. This one’s another keeper. How will I ever clear my bookshelves at this rate??