A mystery

Okay, what happened here? Seriously. A week ago, this cherry tree two blocks from my house looked perfectly fine. On Saturday, it sprawled on the ground, split into three pretty much equal pieces, halfway down to the roots.

Lightning? But it doesn’t look scorched. A teeny tiny tornado? Its own weight? I don’t have a clue. Anybody want to guess?

5 responses to “A mystery

  1. It’s quite clearly straddling a Hell Mouth.

  2. Ho sad, it worked hard to grow so well and then to be cut down so soon 😦 do you know what happened?

    • No idea – it clearly wasn’t planned, because if the owner had wanted to have it removed there would have been workmen cutting the trunk and big branches into chunks and feeding the little bits into a grinder. (Also, somebody would have moved the lawn chairs out from underneath!) It looks as if it just got tired and collapsed in all directions 😦

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