Daily Archives: May 20, 2012

Can’t get a grip on this photo challenge

All right, I give up. This time the Weekly Photo Challenge topic is “Hands”, and I just don’t have anything usable. I don’t often photograph people except for occasions like family get-togethers – but even my photos of statues and the like seem to focus on the whole figure, or maybe the face, and if I crop to show just the hands, the picture ends up much too small.

So I’ll just post a couple of photos that have Absolutely Nothing At All to do with hands.

What is so rare as a day in…May…- then, if ever, come perfect days. And that’s what our weather was like today. Of course, I can’t post the slight breeze, the pleasant temperature, and the faint aroma of cut grass.

Some of my annual flowers come back a second year, sometimes very successfully. This snapdragon is waist-high on me. (Admittedly, my waist is closer to the ground than most people’s!)