Unintended PSA, or How to Change Your Dinner Plans Fast

Do you own any oven-safe glass dishes?

You might want to think twice about putting them in the oven.

A few hours ago, dinner was cooking away when I heard an odd popping noise from the direction of the stove. And this is what I found –

I’ve used this same pie plate the same way any number of times. Obviously, I won’t use it again. And I’m wondering what to do with my other glass pie plates and baking pans – and what to replace them with.


8 responses to “Unintended PSA, or How to Change Your Dinner Plans Fast

  1. Oh drat that’s so annoying!Hope you found a speedy dinner alternative.

  2. beverleysmith36

    Oh dear! If glass dished are knocked together enough times they can have invisible fracture lines and once they go in the oven they just give way.

    • And now I know! But darn it, I want my invisible fracture lines to be where I can see them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • beverleysmith36

        I have had that happen to me. I think it was an apple pie and the rim of the plate just separated in a circle. I had used it loads of times but not any more.

    • Ohh how frustrating! And an apple pie takes some work to put together – at least I was only using it to bake a piece of fish!

      • beverleysmith36

        The apple pie was nearly done and didn’t even move and if i remember rightly it got eaten just the same ๐Ÿ™‚

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