Sort of Weekly Photo – Reflections

There hasn’t been a Weekly Photo Challenge this week – so I’m joining the Reflections challenge from Ailsa at WheresMyBackpack, with thanks to MargeKatherine at Inside Out Cafe for publicizing it.

This isn’t an especially dramatic or original photo, but I think it’s pretty:

I took it at a botanical garden in Copenhagen in summer 2006.

10 responses to “Sort of Weekly Photo – Reflections

  1. yes it’s pretty 🙂

  2. Isn’t it lovely when you get a pond so still that every reflection is exactly the same and as detailed as the real thing … just upside down.

  3. The water is like glass, it looks heavenly! Thanks for joining in the challenge! xxx Ailsa

  4. pretty many shades of green

    • Glad you like it – I think the cool colors give it a relaxed, quiet mood; almost all blues and greens with a touch of pale yellow and one red-brown cattail in the foreground.

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