Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

Friday Fictioneers – Lunacy

My first try at Friday Fictioneers (with thanks to Gilly Gee at Lucid Gypsy, whose post told me about it). The basic idea is to write more or less 100 words, based on the photo below.


She peers up at a moon encircled by distant trees.

Be careful of sinkholes, her teachers said. Water flows through limestone, dissolves it, washes it away. Slowly, but water has all the time it needs. Finally the fragile stone bubble crumbles, collapses. The underground world is left open to the pitiless sky.

She’s lucky, the troll girl thinks. By day, she’d have found this hole full of poisonous sunlight and left only her body turned to a boulder to shield her friends. She squirms back into friendly darkness; better set warnings so no one else stumbles into the polluted area.