Daily Archives: May 5, 2012

Wet Woodsy Thursday

What we did on the way home from visiting my mother a couple of days ago –

We visited a wildflower preserve. The road in and out is pretty rough. This picture was not Photoshopped – the motion blur (and the jolt that caused it) are real.

These are wild geraniums.

Columbine seems to like cliffs.

False Solomon’s seal was in full bloom.

The area is basically wild, but someone puts up markers for the scarcer plants.

Jack-in-the-pulpit was past its prime.

It was a wet weekday, and the place was almost empty. We did meet this millipede, but I believe (s)he lives there.

Lots of ferns…

Fallen logs covered with moss and young plants…

“In a hole in a…tree…there lived a hobbit” – no, that’s not right, but something ought to live here…

Usually, about this time of year, it’s cluttered with trilliums, but our hot March and chilly April has everything off schedule – nothing like the usual show!

But a walk in the woods is always a good idea.