Weekly photo challenge: Together

The theme this time for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Together”.

Here’s what I have –

The living and the dead…

The past and the present…

Together at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.
(Photos taken in summer 2009.)

(The memorial has an interesting design which may not be clear from the photos. There are gray statues of weary soldiers down the middle of the space. Along one side, there’s a polished stone wall with pictures from the war engraved in it – it’s just reflective enough to show faint images of passing tourists and of the group of statues.)

8 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: Together

  1. Nice interpretation of the theme…

  2. Shutterbug Sage

    Amazing shot. I love it “behind the veil” and then “unveiled” as you’ve shared it with us.

  3. What an unusual place Sharon, it looks quite ghostly. What was the atmosphere like,was it comfortable?

    • The statues are a bit unnerving, especially if you approach them from the rear as we did. (This is a fairly new memorial, and I hadn’t seen it before – for a minute I thought they were real people.) But it was a hot sunny day with crowds of people all around, so not really frightening. I don’t know how it would feel at dusk in winter if you were there all alone and seeing it for the first time!

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