Sunshine – thank you Beverley

Beverleysmith over at January to December nominated me for a Sunshine Award – the idea is to answer a few questions and pass them along. (You’re supposed to select other bloggers to answer the questions next, but at the moment I think I’ll make this “blogger’s choice” – I think the blogs I follow deserve an award, so if you want to accept, it’s yours. Feel free to post answers to the questions – for that matter, go ahead and pick people you think deserve Sunshine Awards!)

And Beverley, my USian spell checker is nagging me to take all the “u”s out of “favo(u)rite”, but I don’t think I’ll obey it. I was taught to spell all those “o(u)r” words like color and honor and favor without a “u”, though. (And why don’t we spell that last word “thogh”, I wonder? Of course, it’s just silly to expect spelling in English to make any sense at all.)

What is your favourite color? It varies – but today it’s gray and rainy out and the only spot of color is the azaleas in full bloom, so right now I’ll say azalea hot pink.
What is your favourite animal? Cats – they’re warm, they purr, they act silly, they try to bump foreheads if they like you.
What is your favourite number? Two – it’s less lonely than one πŸ˜‰
What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Strong black coffee
Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? I’m not crazy about either one, but I do have a Facebook account.
What is your passion? Making things
Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Mmm…giving.
What is your favourite pattern? Greek key – it reminds me of a maze
What is your favourite day of the week? Sunday
What is your favourite flower? I like flowers I can trust to put on a good show without needing a lot of attention – peonies, daylilies, snapdragons. And azaleas.

3 responses to “Sunshine – thank you Beverley

  1. The international standard language is English although (or is that althogh) more people in the world speak Chinese or Spanish than English as a first language. I had to think about it but in the end i wanted to give it to ‘the individual’ πŸ™‚

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