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Third Sentence Thursday – I remembered this week!

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

p. 77: “I went to my window, opened it, and looked out.”

And what she sees is the same view she’s looked at for eight years, a tiny sliver of the whole world. After ten years of a miserable childhood in her aunt’s house, Jane Eyre was packed off to a cheap boarding school. Her aunt had every reason to expect that she would soon die there, like many of the other students, but Jane was always an uncooperative child.

Instead, she thrived – partly because a scandalous epidemic soon after she first got there led to some major improvements at Lowood School. For two years, she’s been one of the teachers, even though she’s only just eighteen. (Schools could do that in the early 1800s.) She hasn’t left the school since she was ten, and she hasn’t wanted to.

But now Miss Temple, the superintendent, who has been a sort of mother figure for Jane, has married and left. Her soothing influence is over. Suddenly Jane is restless. She wants more, more excitement, more experience, more life. She’s about to make sure she gets it.