Nothing special but –

These flowers are kind of like meatloaf – no trouble, nothing fancy, but everybody likes it!

Just your basic South Jersey azalea – a drab little shrub most of the year, but it sure puts on a show in spring!

Leaning in for a better look

And here’s an ordinary bluish purplish bearded iris. Just give the roots some water and dirt and sun, and every spring you get to look at this.

Isn’t it pretty?


6 responses to “Nothing special but –

  1. For some unknown reason i didn’t get any blog posts from anyone yesterday but today i have had loads and loads 🙂 love the pictures and nothing is just ordinary

    • Glad you like them! I have to admit that with this post my tongue was far enough in my cheek to come out my ear. But I do like growing “ordinary” flowers – they tend to be called ordinary because they’re not much work, and they’re also beautiful. Win-win!

  2. Gorgeous! This post feels like spring all over!

  3. these are so cheerful! thank you for sharing.

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