It’s official.

My plants have lost their minds.

In this part of the world, azaleas are supposed to bloom in the middle of May. (And a street lined with big azalea bushes covered with flowers in fluourescent shades of pink is a sight you don’t want to miss!)

Today is April 4, and my azalea buds have started to open. (Actually, they started opening on Sunday, but I figured posting this on April Fools’ Day would confuse people.)

And then there are irises. They should bloom after the azaleas, around the end of May.

They shouldn’t develop flower buds like this for weeks and weeks yet.

Why yes, it has been a mild winter around here.


4 responses to “It’s official.

  1. I think it’s the weather that’s confusing them – poor flowers

  2. Irises are one of my favourite flowers and I tried to grow a nearly black one in my old house but failed sadly,it must have been the wrong place 😦

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