Weekly photo challenge – Arranged

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “arranged”.

Store front, Bar Harbor, Maine

I love the way someone arranged wooden planks and shingles to create this enormous bird watching over the whole street!

13 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Arranged

  1. Wow, that must have taken some time to create. Great pic!

    • And I have to wonder if they “built” it in place – that must have been tricky! – or if it was constructed lying flat and then hoisted up to its final position. Glad you like it!

  2. That really is one big bird! 🙂 (sorry – couldn’t help myself! lol) Nice shot!

  3. Wow it took someone a long time to arrange this. Great post for this weeks theme.

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  5. nice wooden craftsmanship!

  6. A very creative arrangement of wooden planks and shingles! Great entry!

  7. That’s brilliant, thanks for sharing it!

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