Daily Archives: March 29, 2012

It’s Third Sentence Thursday time again

Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, p. 187:

“‘Don’t let that make you complacent, though,’ he warned me.”

One thing I like about Twilight? I don’t have to worry about spoilers. There can’t be more than three people left on the planet who can read English and don’t know the basic situation in this book.

So I feel perfectly comfortable in telling you that what’s going on here is that Edward has just told Bella that his “family” of vampires avoids dining on people. Now he’s going to try to convince her that he’s still dangerous.

What I can’t decide is whether Edward is being cleverly manipulative here – he’s had lots of time to learn how to sell himself to shy teenage girls – or whether the poor guy is a sincere monster who genuinely wants to protect this delicious, tantalizing prey animal. Doesn’t much matter, though. He is dangerous.

Bella, you idiot, run far and run fast, no matter how pretty he is. And don’t look back.