186 Cookbooks – It’s no appetizer, but it’s good!

Another one of the books that I look at and ask myself “Why on earth did you buy that??” I’m not an appetizer-making person. I don’t remember when I last held the kind of party you’d serve lots of appetizers for. When I do need something of that sort, I make do with veggies and dip and chips and pretzels.

Well, it was on clearance. I guess I was in one of those periods when there wasn’t enough money to buy books at full price, but I needed to scrape together enough for the basic necessities of life (books), so I bought what nobody else wanted.

This time, it seems to have worked out.

Cilantro, shallots, tomatoes, lime, jalapeno, garlic. Yum.

Picking a recipe to test was a challenge – see above; I don’t make appetizers. Then I came across the Vietnamese Pork “Spaghetti Sauce” for Rice.

I really, really don’t see why this was considered an appetizer. It would be awkward to eat while standing around talking. It made enough for a main dish. It isn’t even deep-fried. On the other hand, that all makes it perfect, for me, as a test recipe .

And it’s a really really good meal. A bit high in sodium, even though I cut the quantity of fish sauce called for. But other than that, it’s fast, reasonably cheap, easy, and tasty. It even looks pretty. What more do you want?


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