The daffodils are smarter than me

Back at the end of January, I didn’t really expect my optimistic daffodils to make it through the winter.

And look at them now. We’re not even halfway through March yet!

4 responses to “The daffodils are smarter than me

  1. Like it or not, here they come! I guess they don’t have a calendar like we do!

    • The funny thing is, apparently my peonies do have a calendar – they’re just starting to let their little pink shoots appear above ground level. And a lot of the flowering trees are in bloom this week, but I haven’t seen any forsythia yet – that’s normally one of our earliest flowers, and it’s lovely to see a whole highway embankment turn bright yellow! I guess we’ll have odd combinations of flowers this year as some bloom on schedule and others turn up early.

  2. And now the daffs are everywhere cheering us and making our day sunny!

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