How to solve a problem

I wouldn’t put my pocketbook in a dark corner like this where
it can blend in and be invisible, would I? It must hide on purpose. Right?

My pocketbook sneaked away and hid. It does things like that. And it’s really inconvenient and annoying when I need to get myself out the front door, but I can’t go without my pocketbook that has all my essential stuff in it, and I can’t go with my pocketbook, because it’s hiding again.

Well, I have a plan. It’s easy to hide when you’re a plain black pocketbook. But what if it was hot pink?




It wouldn’t be so easy to get away with things then!



Maybe a few neon green dots would help, too.

And how about blinking lights? Lots of little blinking lights all over. Oh, and why not a siren?

Okay. It might be just a little tiny bit ugly, but that’ll fix the lost pocketbook problem. So there.


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