Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

I’m pumped up

(Note: this isn’t a topic I typically write about here. But at the moment I can’t keep my mouth shut.)

I spent a couple hours this morning in a big room with hundreds of other Episcopalians singing our lungs out and yelling back the responses to the Communion service, and listening to forty-five minutes or so of Bishop Councell telling us that it’s our job to be on fire for Jesus. (This is how Diocesan conventions start out.) And that was great.

Then, after the Eucharist was over, there were tables and tables of exhibitors to check out, and a number of them were pushing programs to reach out and serve our neighbors. There’s the organization working to eradicate malaria in Africa. There’s the group that focuses on providing services to merchant sailors (who these days, between technology and politics, can find themselves trapped on their ships even when they’re briefly in port). There are the people going after the root causes of poverty while looking for ways to help people who are poor now. And plenty of others.

In a couple of weeks, my church will be holding a committee meeting – well, I’m sure there are various committee meetings coming up; we have lots and lots of committees – but anyway, the one I’m concerned with will be meeting to decide what we can do to reach out to “the least of these our brethren.” I can’t wait to make sales pitches for these projects. I hope we can tackle all of them.