Getting down to it

At last! After a string of really challenging Weekly Photo Challenges, we’ve been given an easy one – “Down”.

Looking down from a bridge at Krka Falls, Croatia

Somewhere in the Arizona desert – or possibly New Mexico

Looking down at a cactus –
no, I didn’t want to get closer!

And this is the least impressive of my four pictures,
with the most impressive “down”.
Because we’re looking at the edge of Niagara Falls,
and the water in the top half of the photo is 165 feet / 50 meters
below the water in the bottom half.

Maybe that’s why so few pictures emphasize “down” –
depth does not photograph well.

12 responses to “Getting down to it

  1. thanks for your ‘down’ images, unique and thoughtful 🙂 encouragement from christine

  2. True, depth does not photograph well, but your words (about Niagara Falls) helped explain what we were seeing when looking down. Some day I will get there.

    • Oh, yes, go see it (them?) if you have the chance! There are some places in the world where the only sensible thing to do is stand there staring with your mouth hanging open in awe – Niagara Falls is one.

  3. I like the texture of the cactus photo.

  4. most impressive, all of them..;)

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