An alliteration attack

I’ve been amusing myself with Alphabetaphilia over at West Coast Writers. The game is to come up with a sentence using five words starting with the letter of the day – today was “P”, which means that tomorrow is going to be tough, since words that start with “Q” are almost as rare as ones that start with “X”. Silly stuff, and good practice in trying to come up with active, concrete statements even in artificial situations.

But…I think, maybe, it’s….getting out. Taking over. Something – something eldritch.

Because a while ago I started making a grocery list. And here’s how the household needs happened to hit me.

Help.  😉

6 responses to “An alliteration attack

  1. Haha, cute! A friend and I used to have huge alliteration wars, in which the goal was to somehow insult the other while maintaining the alliteration. Oh my goodness it was fun.

    • Sounds like fun! I used to know a couple who had pun contests – they would start making puns all on the same theme. The winner seemed to be the one who came up with the last, most far-fetched pun.

  2. Hi SharonW,
    I love that grocery list! I have to try to beef up the consonance and assonance in my writing for my MFA seminar this semester, so this Alphabetaphilia is a great help to me! But I actually enjoy it for its own sake too.

    • Thanks! I like playing with words too (maybe most bloggers do?) – I’ve been known to sneak in a stretch of iambic pentameter, not that it’s hard to do that – on some days English wants to turn iambic. But best not be Beowulfian; those broken lines can bother people.

  3. Oh wow, I never thought of doing that, But now I have to try it out myself. *+(=sort of just did!

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