Hope. Unreasonable hope, but still hope.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Hope.

And this is a picture of crazy, over-the-top, wonderful hope.

Because it’s the twenth-ninth of January – not March, January – in New Jersey, and these are daffodils thrusting their foolish hopeful heads up into the light and air in my front yard. Which faces north and isn’t even slightly sheltered.

God bless you, silly babies. May you make it through February unfrozen.

5 responses to “Hope. Unreasonable hope, but still hope.

  1. Great entry for this week theme my friend 🙂

  2. Flowers seem to be dominating the theme this week, and likely rightfully so. Flowers and plants alike do the darnest thing. Grow in the middle of winter, die in the summer. Really weird sometimes. Great job capturing that though!


    • I suppose it’s because flowers and babies are the obvious images of new growth and hope. Besides, at least here in the northern hemisphere we’re getting pretty flower starved – even the poinsettias are over and gone with Christmas behind us. And those purple and white kale plants that a lot of office buildings plant for the winter just don’t satisfy!

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