Daily Archives: January 29, 2012

Stone 20, twenty-ninth day

Struggling to Write

My mind feels like a stone, hard, heavy in
the hand, refusing to respond. I fight
to quarry one more stone, one pebble, chip
of thought. My stone mind will not answer. It
lies smooth and silent, maybe wavering
a bit like stones in flowing water, gray
or brown or black. Perhaps I ought to let
it blossom on its own, stone opening
like petals, offering color, texture, scent
in its time, not in mine.

Hope. Unreasonable hope, but still hope.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Hope.

And this is a picture of crazy, over-the-top, wonderful hope.

Because it’s the twenth-ninth of January – not March, January – in New Jersey, and these are daffodils thrusting their foolish hopeful heads up into the light and air in my front yard. Which faces north and isn’t even slightly sheltered.

God bless you, silly babies. May you make it through February unfrozen.