186 cookbooks. In one house.

Actually, a few more, I think – I’m pretty sure I own a couple of cookbooks I couldn’t locate when I made that count.

Have I mentioned that we have too many books?

Anyhow, there are plenty of cookbooks, and they cover almost every imaginable cooking style – though I don’t think I have anything with Finnish or Australian recipes. (Gotta check Amazon for an Australian-Finnish cookbook! Must Buy Books!)

Oh, wait; someplace, someplace, I’m pretty sure I have a recipe for some special kind of rye bread from Finland.

Now that I realize how many cookbooks I own, I obviously need to do something about it. What? Weed out some of them and give them away? Well, yes, all right, but I need to do something less sensible first. It’s time for another project.

The battered book with no spine is my old, old Fannie Farmer.

Welcome to the 186 Recipe Experiment. Once or twice a week, I have to test a recipe (recipes?) that I’ve never tried before, using a different cookbook each time. And, of course, blog about it. Preferably with pictures, though not with a full recipe, since after all somebody else has a copyright on each of these books. But I’ll try to include enough detail about the cooking experience and how the dish turned out to make it interesting.

Oh, and pictures.


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