Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to go with weird

I’m getting antsy for spring – the truth is, I’ve been antsy for spring ever since November. But Outdoors isn’t cooperating yet, so I keep wondering if it’s too early to try starting tomato seeds. (Yes. Definitely too early.)

Well, if I can’t coo over how cute they are as they sprout, I can at least look at seed packages, right? Of course I can. And that’s how I got trapped.

The label says they’re tomatillo seeds, some sort of second cousin to tomatoes, just what you need for a little homemade salsa verde. And ‘verde’ is the word for it – every tomatillo I’ve ever met was bright grass green, greener than grass really is unless there’s been a LOT of rain.

But not these guys. If you can believe the package, they’re going to be purple. Yes. Purpler than a plum or a blueberry.  Salsa – purpura? What would that taste like?

Maybe I’ll find out.

Stone 8, seventeenth day

It’s gray and wet. The water vapor drifts,
meets vapor friends, collects a crowd; a drop
that falls like thrilled sky divers through the air
and trickles giggling down the window. That
was fun. Do it again! But first let’s swim
the river, right down to the ocean – then we’ll rise…