Mmmm, grass

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Peaceful”.

He’s big and strong. Sometimes, he’s dangerous. But right now he has everything he wants, and he’s at peace with the world.

I took this photo of a grazing bull buffalo in August 2003 in Custer State Park, South Dakota. With a telephoto lens, thankyouverymuch; I’m not crazy enough to go within arm’s length of this fellow.

8 responses to “Mmmm, grass

  1. I always like seeing a photo of a bison!

  2. Peace before anger 🙂
    Really good picture… I definitly prefer when they eat grass !!!

    Here is my set for the week :

    Hope you’ll appreciate!


    • Before anger, and after anger, I suppose. Thank you for the compliment – and even with a long-distance lens, I don’t think I would have wanted to photograph some of the animals in that area who don’t eat grass, like bears and wolves. Of course, I did get some pictures of the most dangerous animals of all, the humans.

    • And your pictures are beautiful – I especially like the waterfall. Even though I know it was noisy and constantly moving, it strikes me as peaceful.

  3. Omh my he is a big lad – great photo

    • VERY big – maybe soon I’ll post another picture I took showing a herd of buffalo who had decided to take over the road and mingle with the cars. It gives you a better sense of scale.

      Thanks – I’m glad you like it!

  4. What a peaceful grasser indeed. Awesome picture! Thanks for the share 🙂

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