A Tardis of my own?

I think I just bought a Tardis.

(For the culturally deprived, the Tardis is how the long-lived British TV character Dr. Who gets around the galaxy. That’s not what makes it wonderful, though. The Tardis is bigger inside than outside.

Think about that. Drool over it. When you’re done hyperventilating, come back to this post. I’ll wait.)


Well, technically, what I bought is an e-reader. For my purposes, though, it really is bigger inside than outside.

I’ve only had it two days. I’ve barely started to put books in it. Mostly, so far, I’m loading it with –>FREE<– classics, the kind of books that are notorious for being really really long. At this point, I’ve got the equivalent of about 5700 pages wedged into the thing.

Depending on whether they’re paperbacks or hardbacks, that’s the equivalent of about 12 to 20 inches of shelf space, all crowded into a gadget about a quarter of an inch thick. And there’s room for more; lots more.

At last, I have a Tardis.

7 responses to “A Tardis of my own?

  1. Great post, I really like your writing style!

    I own an e-reader too and it’s a fantastic invention. I’ve only put free e-books on it so far but the potential.. it’s amazing.

  2. I received a Kindle as a gift last month and love it. Like you, I loaded it up with a bunch of [free] classics. It was nice to take a normally 600+ page novel with me when it’s been nicely stored in the kindle instead of lugging it around with me on vacation. Enjoy!

    • Yes! I still love paper books (like you), but for 700 page novels the size and weight of two bricks – War and Peace, anybody? – the Kindle is turning out to be great. I may go in this direction for really long paperbacks, too – I have some 500-pagers that I’m almost afraid to read because they seem likely to break in half before I finish.

  3. What a great way to desribe an e reader.Yes,I too have one.It has sixty books to be read and thirty eight books in my “been read” file.It’s great for holidays too, no need to limit how many books I have in my luggage. I have to confess I still sometimes buy books especially if they are at a discounted price. E Readers are so good for hiding a book addiction ,my hubby has no idea of how many books I buy.

  4. I’ve resisted so far but I’m such a gadget girl it’s only a matter of time!

  5. I LOVE E-READERS!! Just thought I’d say that… haha. Thankyou so much for checking out my blog; how did you end up in my little corner of the blogosphere?



    • You know, I’m trying to figure that out! Your blog must have been linked in one of the others I looked at, but which one?

      If I manage to retrace my virtual steps, I’ll tell you!

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