Daily Archives: January 2, 2012

Leftovers, arbitrary breakpoints, and resolutions

We’re eating a lot of leftovers this week. Tonight, pork enchiladas (with green salsa) using New Years Day roast pork – I did toss the unfinished sauerkraut and potatoes, though. Tomorrow, goose cassoulet with the last of Christmas dinner. After that, probably pork lo mein. Or maybe red pork enchiladas. Or pork in barbecue sauce on buns. Or all of them, one after another. (It was a big roast.) Anyhow, I won’t be buying meat for a while, thank goodness.

I’m going to use up some blogging leftovers, too. Who says I can’t make use of some of those Post A Day ideas just because I didn’t get to them in December? I didn’t happen across the whole post-a-day event until it was two-thirds over, anyhow, and then that annoying offline world interfered. Sure, we’re in a new year now, theoretically, but there are plenty of other days to pick for a starting point.

Still, we need boundaries and breakpoints. How else could we tell when to make New Year’s resolutions? (Of course, the official wisdom seems to be that we should all forget about making them. Be mature, be sensible, be realistic! Take baby steps!)

Well, I’m making some anyway. By the end of 2012, I intend to: finish writing at least two books; be thin; live in a tidy house; rebuild my savings account; learn to draw; and, for the heck of it, finish several reading challenges (more about that tomorrow). All while keeping up my usual ties to family, friends, church, dojo, and so on.

Does that sound unreasonable and doomed? Of course it does. I’ve intended to accomplish all those things for years and years, and being sensible and cautious hasn’t helped me ooze closer to any of them. This year, I think my motto is going to be “Fail gloriously and ambitiously!”