Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Balancing, mostly on one toe and the opposite little finger

That’s my main goal for the coming year. Balance. That endlessly shifting still point in the middle of all the demands life puts on us and we put on ourselves. One way or another, most of my posts ought to relate to it, unless, of course, I get off balance again.

Let’s see – I think I just gave myself an excuse to blog about anything that grabs my attention, didn’t I?

Seriously, though, my life doesn’t lend itself to focusing on just one big thing, and never has. The world is so full of a number of things, and most of them are fascinating, and before I know it I’m up to my neck in commitments to dozens of them. (Many years ago, I signed up for an 8 week aikido class – I knew nothing about aikido, but I figured I could do anything for eight weeks. I’m still training. That’s typical.)

Oh, and the picture at the top of this post? If that rock hasn’t lost its balance by now, you can see it at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Getting there involves bouncing over a vaguely marked track through the desert, followed by a little minor hiking. It’s worth it.