It’s hard. I have a habit of trying to do too many things at once, and ending with bits and pieces of projects scattered everywhere. Stuff winds up under other unrelated stuff. Things get carefully put away in a place that makes sense at that moment – but by the time I need to retrieve them, I’ve moved on to another train of thought and have no idea where they were stowed. Of course, given all that, I waste a lot of time searching for Important Things. (Right now, for example, I really should be hunting for the jury duty summons I’ll need next Tuesday when I show up at our local courthouse.)

In just 100 minutes, we’ll start a new year (at least, here on the eastern coast of North America). I guess I ought to make a resolution or six. And getting organized may be the second most traditional resolution, right after losing weight. It’s unAmerican not to see yourself as a fat scatterbrain.

Of course, like everybody else, I’ve made this same resolution before, many times before. Is there any hope this time will be different?

I don’t know yet. But one thing I have noticed is that I am perfectly able to keep a few things organized, as long as the principle is simple enough and I find the results enjoyable. Take my clothes closet. It ought to be just as random as most of the rest of the house, and yet it isn’t, because I find hanging everything in spectrum order, like a rainbow, beautiful. Well, pleasing, at least. And I can find what I want to wear. Amazing.

Now I just need to find a simple, satisfying algorithm to organize the books and pieces of stray paper and skeins of yarn and food in the cupboards and….


2 responses to “Organizing.

  1. I know how hard it is to make and keep resolutions. I wanted to say Happy 2012. I am organizing myself as I just moved in Nov and still un packing…ugh…so I went from a apt to house, so things are hectic. Nice goal.

  2. Ah yes, organization…A life long process for me. I stay pretty organized and this is a result of simplifying my life. It has taken a long time. It starts with baby steps. I’ll be back to check on your progress!

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