Monthly Archives: October 2011

Not clear on the details

but, as usual, I’ll try first and figure it out later. What is “it”? The WordPress “PostADay” challenge / game / marathon. Apparently some people started last January, but I didn’t know about it till I got an email yesterday more or less describing PostADay and tying it to good old NaNoWriMo – the idea here is “prep for writing 50,000 words in November by committing to posting daily in October”. Okay. I can try to do that, at least if nobody winds up in the hospital this month, for a change.

I’m not at all sure I’ll be up to spec, though. The instructions seem to say you’re supposed to write something based on their prompt of the day. But what if I have something else to say?

Oh well. I’ll just focus on posting something daily. It’s not like I’m going to lose a promotion, or even a paycheck, if They don’t like my approach. PostADay, here we come.