Better schools?

Oh dear. So, I got my first Officially Suggested Topic for PostADay, and it’s not clear I have anything to contribute. “If you could change how schools work, what would you change?” Heck, I haven’t had any school-age children for years. All I know about today’s public schools is what I hear from friends who are teachers, or friends who have kids still in school.

So, given that I have nothing to say, let’s see what I can come up with. There’s the obvious: Some school districts don’t have enough money to offer anybody a good education. (I live next door to Camden, NJ, famous for being the Poorest City in the US. I don’t care how dedicated they are, the Camden schools just can’t afford to provide a great result.) Some parents don’t care enough, or aren’t well enough educated themselves, or don’t have enough time and energy, to make sure their children benefit from what resources are available. But everybody knows these things.

Really, if I could change one thing about education in the United States, I would wave my wand and snap my fingers and transform this into a country that admires learning, a country where everybody knows that it’s fun to be curious about everything. Until we all realize that people who love mastering new information are sexy and that the mind is the best toy we all have, no amount of money or effort will turn this country into a place where education works.

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