A meal to forget

We had been to the restaurant before. It’s a little place, maybe twenty miles outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but on our first visit the food was memorably good.

A year or two later, we went back. And the food was, well, memorable.

I ordered the “seafood crepes with citrus sauce” – south central Pennsylvania isn’t an area noted for great fish dishes, but the first meal had been so good it seemed like a promising choice. And the crepes themselves weren’t bad at all. Unfortunately, the kitchen filled them and sauced them.

As far as I could tell, the filling was crumbled crabcakes – maybe leftovers from the previous day. They didn’t taste obviously spoiled, but they weren’t very fresh either. But you can get carelessly prepared food any place. The touch that made this meal unique was the “citrus sauce”.

Probably not the same brand, but the same thing

That’s right. The citrus sauce was orange marmalade, several spoonfuls of it dabbed over the top of the crabcake stuffed, rolled crepes. Orange marmalade and crepes for dessert? Might work. Orange marmalade with stale crabcakes? Unspeakable. Uneatable. Unforgettable.


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