A day in black and white

Strange day.

First, I’m going to a funeral. Poor A., one of my fellow altos. She was always bustling and determined; but she always suffered from asthma and back problems and who knows what else, even before her last few months with cancer. I can only trust she’s happier now in her “new life in the nearer presence of God.”

And after the funeral, a celebration. Sensei (and Sensei) are celebrating the dojo’s 35th anniversary this week. Today is devoted to an afternoon of training, starting with yudansha (black belts) only and adding additional ranks with each passing hour. But since A’s funeral and the anniversary training overlap, I won’t arrive at the dojo till sometime in the middle.

I suppose we all struggle to stay somewhere in the middle, balancing what we owe to the various pieces of our lives.  Yes, you hear about people who have such a fierce, pure dedication to their goals that they would blow off the funeral and probably skip the training too – but most of us end up trying to pay our respects to everything we’re tied to. And also clean up the debris left in the wake of the overly dedicated folks.


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